Friday, May 8, 2009

Georges Seurat and the weird dog in the corner. Part II

Georges Seurat, Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte, 1884-1886

In La Grande Jatte, Seurat is using lots of weird dogs. And don't forget the weird monkey. The weird dog on the edge sets up a neat diagonal to the other weird dog. The negative space in his tail mimics the monkey ear and the random red spot below the little girl in the white dress. The big weird dog's tail echos umbrella and hat shapes all over the place. Compare the big dog's head to the elbow of the lounging man, it's got that opposite tension happening again. Old Georges is also echoing the dogs neck with the tree about 1/3 in from the left. The true "weird dog in the corner" in this is the bright green triangle in the lower left. Notice the right edge and the reddish triangle acting as another "weird dog on the edge". How's that for compliments?

For extra credit see how many "monkey head-sized things" you can find.

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  1. I always thought that someone should redo this Seurat with fisher price little people. That would be awesome.